Benjamin Franklin Chapter
Sons of the American Revolution

Chapter Awards

Tim Mills - Chapter Distinguished Service medal for 2019
Bill Diehl - Chapter Distinguished Service medal for 2020

All the below received a certificate of appreciation for their service to the chapter except where noted-
      Steve Powell - New chapter website
      Bill Johnson - ROTC/JROTC
      Jim McCune - ROTC/JROTC
      Nathan Dana - ROTC/JROTC
      Dale Lehmann - zoom meeting management
      Steve Kelley - Chapter newsletter
      William Lyman - Washington Birthday program
            and dues notice layout

War Service Medals -
      James Hilton - Vietnam
      Nathan Dana - Afganistan

All below are Ohio Society Awards-
      Tim Mills - Liberty medal
      Steve Kelley - Silver Roger Sherman award
      Bill Diehl - Silver Roger Sherman award
      Chuck Finley - Silver Roger Sherman award

Michael Nimocks - promoted to Captain in the Fort Laurens Regiment (Ohio Society award)
Tim Mills - Second place in the Ohio Society as the first line signer of new Society member applications

Membership pins -
      45 year Tom Arend, Tom Sherrill, Richard Ellsworth
      40 year Henry Shaw, Matt Weekly
      35 year Steve Altic,Jeff Boston
      30 year Ray Sharritts
      25 year David Birthelmer
      20 year George Miller, Fred Lowry, Steve Brubaker,
            Bill Diehl


War service medals -
      Jim Patterson - Vietnam
      Dale Shipley - Vietnam
      Robert Mercer - Vietnam
      Jim McCune - Afghanistan

Jim Shough - Certificate of appreciation for designing the chapter flag


Bill Finley - Chapter Distinguished Service medal