Benjamin Franklin Chapter
Sons of the American Revolution

Mobile Website

Keeping up with you

More and more you are relying on your phone, so it only makes sense that we have a website optimized for your phone.

The mobile site does not take the place of our desktop/laptop site, which is more comprehensive, but it does give you the things you would likely want on the go.

Here is what it includes-

  • About
  • Calendar
  • Officers
  • Members
  • Join SAR
  • Galley-Primary
  • Gallery- Geo. Washington Birthday

On your phone's browser search for or type in and you will be on our mobile site. Yes, that is the URL for our main site but it checks the display size and if small redirects to the mobile site.

Below is what the Icon looks like.

Put our Icon on your Android screen.

Here's how-

  • With the website open on your phone
  • In the upper right of the screen there are 3 vertical dots.
  • Click on them which will pull down a list, click on Add To Home Screen
  • You should now see an icon like this on your screen

Put our Icon on your iPhone screen.

Here's how-

  • With the website open on your phone
  • On the bottom of the screen there is a square with an arrow inside of it pointing up. Click on it.
  • Scroll down until you see Add To Home Screen and click on it.
  • Follow any prompts