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Mark Mahan recognized for 50 years
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Eligibility to join

The Sons of the American Revolution is a lineage society; that is to say that each member has traced his family tree back to a Patriotic Ancestor who supported the cause of American Independence during the years 1774-1783. In addition to lineage, SAR members share a set of interests and values. They appreciate the courage, commitment, and sacrifices made by our Patriot Ancestors to establish an independent nation with the range of freedoms that we enjoy today.

Further, they honor these noble men and women by continuing to learn about their efforts in the cause of freedom, educate others about our nation’s heritage, and protect the principles of our Founding Fathers as set forward in our nation’s Constitution.

Lineage requirements

The SAR requires a direct blood lineal line between members and a patriot ancestor. The term direct means that generational links go through only parents, instead of uncles or aunts. The term blood means that adoptions do not qualify.

Criteria for Patriot Ancestors

Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestors include those persons who:

  • served in the Continental Army,
  • served in a state or county militia,
  • provided supplies or material aid to the American cause,
  • served on courts or political bodies supporting the Revolution,
  • signed the oath of allegiance,
  • paid the supply tax.

The application process

Preparing an application consists of eight main steps.

  1. Locate a Patriot Ancestor to whom you have a direct blood connection
  2. Trace your direct lineage from yourself, through each generation, to that ancestor.
  3. Acquire documents to prove each generational connection. These documents can include Census records, wills, birth, marriage, and death certificates, as well as county histories from the 1800s and well-documented family histories. It should be noted that, except for images of original documents, material found on the Internet is not acceptable.
  4. Standards for proof can be found in the Application Preparation Manual.

  5. Download the Application Worksheet.

  6. Complete the worksheet.
  7. Contact our chapter to get an assessment of your application.
  8. Submit it with an accompanying check for the application fee to the Registrar of the Benjamin Franklin Chapter. If the application is approved at the Chapter level, it will be forwarded to the State Registrar. If approved, it will be forwarded to National Headquarters for final approval.

Supplemental Applications

Supplemental Applications are to add additional Patriot Ancestors attached to the Compatriot.


Men interested in more information or assistance about the original or supplemental application process can email the Chapter Registrar:

Lincoln Fraser