Benjamin Franklin Chapter
Sons of the American Revolution


Benjamin Franklin Chapter
Sons of the American Revolution

Article I


Application for membership shall be made to the Genealogist-Registrar of he Chapter on forms prescribed by the National Society, endorsed by two members in good standing, setting forth the name, occupation and residence of the applicant; the line of descent, and the name, residence and services of the ancestor or ancestors in the American Revolution from whom the applicant derives eligibility. In addition, the application forms should provide sufficient documentation of the applicant's lineage and should be properly notarized. The applicant shall sign an oath stating that the statements contained in his application are true and correct to the best of his knowledge and belief. Each application shall be accompanied by the current membership fees or Life Membership Fee. When application forms have been approved by the Genealogist-Registrar, he shall forward them to the Ohio Society. The applicant's fees must be sent to the Chapter's Treasurer, who will, in turn, remit state and national fees to the Ohio Society. Upon notification by the Registrar of the Ohio Society that the application has been approved by the Registrar General and that the name of the applicant has been entered upon the rolls of the National Society, the Benjamin Franklin Chapter shall place the name of the applicant upon its rolls as a member in good standing.

Article II


The duties of the officers shall be such as usually appertain to like offices in other organizations, and they shall have such other duties as expressly stated hereinafter or as may be delegated to them by the Board of Management.

Article III

The President

Section 1. The President of, in his absence, the next ranking VicePresident who is present or, in the absence of the President and all Vice-Presidents, a chairman-pro-tem shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter and of the Board of Management and shall exercise his voting right only when his vote would be decisive to the outcome. He shall exercise the usual functions of a presiding officer and shall enforce strict observance of the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Chapter. In addition to his general duties, the President shall be ex-officio chairman of the Board of Management and its Executive Committee and may serve as a member of every other committee except the Nominating Committee.

Section 2. Subject to the approval of the Board of Management, the President shall appoint standing committees for Resolutions, Historic Celebrations, Public Relations, Eagle Scout Competitions, Orations Contests, Chapter Awards, Constitution and By-Laws, Membership, Nominating, and Program. The duties of these committees shall be such as usually appertain to committees of like character, together with such duties as may be assigned to them by the Board of Management. The President may also appoint such other committees as he may deem advisable.

Article IV

The Vice-Presidents

The Vice-Presidents shall promote and support the various interests and activities of the Chapter, and in the President's absence.the ranking VicePresident shall represent the President on any proper occasion, acting at all times under his direction and control. The First Vice-President shall also serve as chairman of the Program Committee. The Second Vice-President shall have the additional responsibility of chairing the Membership Committee.

Article V

The Secretary

The Secretary shall conduct the general correspondence of the Chapter and perform such other duties as may be ordered by the Chapter or the Board of Management. He shall notify all candidates of their admission to membership in the Chapter and shall, under the direction of the President or,in his absence, the next ranking Vice-President, give due notice of the time and place of all meetings of the Chapter, the Board of Management, and the Executive Committee and shall be present at such meetings. He shall have charge of the records of the Chapter and, together with the presiding officer, shall certify all acts of the Chapter. He shall also serve as secretary and ex-officio member of the Board of Management and of the Executive Committee, with a vote in either instance. He shall keep accurate records of all the proceedings of the Chapter, the Board of Management, and the Executive Committee and shall give notice to the several officers of all votes, orders, resolutions, and proceedings of the Chapter, the Board of Management, or the Executive Committee affecting them or appertaining to their respective duties. The Secretary shall also work cooperatively with the Genealogist-Registrar in maintaining an up to date roster of the Chapter membership.

Article VI

The Treasurer

The Treasurer shall collect and keep the funds and securities of the Chapter and shall pay out of such funds only such sums as may be ordered or approved by the Chapter's membership, the Board of Management, or the Executive Committee. He shall keep a true account of his receipts and payments and shall render a statement of same to the Chapter at the Annual Business Meeting and, upon the Chapter's request, at any other business meeting. The Treasurer's accounts shall be audited during the month of April by a special committee appointed by the President. If, after the annual report of the Treasurer or the audit of his accounts, there shall appear to be a balance against the Treasurer, no appropriation of money shall be made for any object but membership fees or dues owed the National Society and the Ohio Society and the necessary current expenses of the Chapter, until such balance shall have been paid or eliminated by a transfer of funds from a Permanent Fund maintained by the Chapter.

The Treasurer shall be bonded through an acceptable surety company in an amount to be fixed, annually, by the Board of Management at its Regular January Meeting (just prior to the Chapter's Annual Business Meeting). The annual bond premium shall be paid from general funds of the Chapter. The bond shall designate the loss payee as Benjamin Franklin Chapter, OSSAR. The bond shall be maintained by the Chapter Secretary as part of the official records of the Chapter

Article VII

The Genealogist-Registrar

The Genealogist-Registrar shall serve as a custodian for all the proofs of membership, qualifications, and all historical and genealogical papers, manuscripts, and other records of which the Chapter may become possessed. When called upon, he shall assist any applicant in securing the necessary data for his application. Furthermore, the Genealogist-Registrar shall verify, as far as possible, all statements as to the Revolutionary services of ancestors that are made in the application for membership and report any major problems or questions related to applicant qualifications to the Secretary. It shall be essential that the Genealogist-Registrar and the Secretary maintain continuous communication with each other.

Article VIII

The Historian

The Historian shall supervise the preparation and printing of all the Chapter's historical publications other than those of membership rolls. He shall prepare biographical notices of deceased members and shall preserve all materials of historical character and interest that may come to his attention. Most importantly, he shall also serve as the custodian for all past records of the Chapter from its beginnings.

Article IX

The Chaplain

The Chaplain sha1l conduct the religious functions of the Chapter and shall open all meetings of the Chapter with the services usual and proper on such occasions.

Article X

The Sergeant-at-Arms

The Sergeant-at-Arms shall assist the President or any other person chairing meetings in maintaining proper order in the proceedings. He shall also be responsible for seeing that the SAR flag and the National Colors are displayed at all the meetings of the Chapter.

Article XI

The Chancellor

The Chancellor shall serve as the Chapter's parliamentarian and shall also function as its advisor in legal matters affecting the Chapter and its functions or interest.

Article XII

The Board of Management

The Board of Management shall superintend generally the interests of the Chapter and execute all such duties as may be committed to it by the Chapter. It shall recommend plans for promoting the objectives of the Chapter, shall digest and prepare business, and shall authorize the disbursement and expenditure of unappropriated money in the treasury for the payment of current expenses of the Chapter. At the request of the President, Secretary, and Genealogist-Registrar, the Board shall judge the qualifications of candidates for admission to the Chapter. The Board shall call special meetings of the Chapter at any time upon the written request of five members of the Chapter and at such other times as the Board sees fit.

At its regular January meeting (just prior to the Annual business Meeting) the Board of Management shall select an acceptable surety company for purposes of bonding the Treasurer and shall fix the amount of the Treasurer's bond.

Regular meetings of the Board of Management shall be held twice annually- once in January (just prior to the Annual Business Meeting) and once in May - at times and places to be fixed by the Board. Special Meetings of the Board of Management and of the Executive Committee may be held at the call of the President or at the request of five members of the Board. For transacting business, seven members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

Article XIII

The Executive Committee

During intervals between meetings of the Board of Management, the Executive Committee shall have the powers of the Board and shall exercise the duties of the Board. At all meetings of the Executive Committee, three or more members shall be sufficient for the transaction of business. Minutes of the action of the Executive Committee shall be kept by the Secretary and shall be read or otherwise delivered by him to the Board of Management at its next regular meeting.

Article XIV

The Permanent Fund

The Treasurer shall maintain upon his books a separate fund to be known as The Permanent Fund. This Fund shall be created with all bequests and donations to the Chapter which shall not have been otherwise limited and such sums as the Board of Management shall transfer from the general funds of the Chapter. The Permanent Fund shall be kept invested in such securities or certificates of deposit as shall be approved by the Board of Management. The principal of said Fund shall not be diminished or expended or pledged for any purpose except by recommendation of the Board of Management and authorization by a two-thirds vote at a meeting of the Chapter. Income from the Permanent Fund may be transferred to the general funds of the Chapter by action of the Board of Management.

A separate record shall be kept of the portion of the Permanent Fund which represents Life Membership fees and net income from same. At each Annual Business Meeting, a report shall be made of the condition of the Permanent fund (including the Life Membership portion).

In the event of the dissolution of the Chapter, the Permanent Fund (including the Life Membership), after notice in writing to the membership shall be turned over to the Ohio Society, provided that the state affiliate agrees to assume the responsibility thereafter of maintaining the Life Memberships on the Chapter's rolls. Otherwise, the Chapter will pay as fair a rebate as possible to compatriots holding Life Memberships and then distribute or pay o,r.r the remainder of the Permanent Fund to the organization or organizations which, in the judgment of the membership, most nearly pursue the aims and objectives of this Chapter, as stated in the Constitution and ByLaws.

Article XV

Order of Business and Parliamentary Authority

The order of business at any meeting where business is to be conducted shall, unless waived by a vote of the members present, be as follows:

(a) call to order,
(b) reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, for corrections and approval,
(c) treasurer's report,
(d) communications, as needed,
(e) reports of standing committees, as required,
(f) report of special committee(s),
(g) unfinished business,
(h) new business, and
(i) adjournment.

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the Chapter in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these By-Laws and any special rules of order the Chapter may adopt.

Article XVI


These By-Laws may be altered or amended at any Annual meeting of the Chapter, or at a Special Meeting of the Chapter called for that purpose. Provided, however, that not less than thirty (30 days) prior to the Annual Meeting or a Special Meeting called for that purpose, the Chapter Secretary shall provide the full text of the proposed alterations and/or amendments to each Chapter member in good standing, either by ordinary United States Mail or electronically. A vote of two-thirds of those present shall be necessary for the adoption of such alterations or amendments.

Article XVII

Effective Date

Upon the approval and adoption by a two-thirds vote of Chapter members present at a meeting scheduled for such business, the alterations and/or amendments to the By-Laws of the Benjamin Franklin Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution, Columbus Ohio shall take effect (30 days) after a vote of approval.