Benjamin Franklin Chapter
Sons of the American Revolution

Kroger Rewards Program

Help us support our outreach activities.

No one wants to pay more in their dues so we have come up with a painless way to raise funds. But it does require help from you.

The Kroger Community Rewards program is separate from their Fuel Rewards Program and will not affect your fuel points.

Directions to Sign Up

  • You must have a Kroger Plus card. If you don't already have one, go to the customer service desk and get one.

  • Go to The Kroger Rewards Site. In the upper right click Sign In/ My Account. Enter your email address and password you used for your plus card.

  • Click on Community Rewards found on the menu on the left. Follow the instructions from there, you'll be asked where you want your rewards to go. Enter one our two chapter codes-

Benjamin Franklin SAR
--or --

Thank You

Other than chapter dues the chapter takes in no other funds and this is is a painless way to help maintain the strength of the chapter and expand our outreach services.